Known throughout the country as party bikes, pedal pubs and pedibuses, theĀ Duke City PedalerĀ is a multi passenger, eco-friendly, human powered vehicle. The Pedaler is driven by an Albuquerque Tourism & Sightseeing Factory (AT&SF) employee and powered by ten pedaling customers. The rear bench of the Pedaler has additional seating for four non-pedaling passengers. Fabricated by Atek Customs in Kingman, Arizona, the vehicle is equipped with an electric motor assist, rack and pinion steering, LED headlights, safety lights and hydraulic disc brakes. In keeping with ABQ Trolley Co.'s commitment to "uniquely-Albuquerque" design, the custom made Pedaler is the first party bike fabricated with a "hot rod" front end, a detail reminiscent of the Duke City's Route 66 heritage.